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Trying to duplicate a resume you found online will never work well, and looking at resume samples is not how you select a resume service. An irrelevant resume sample will only provide some idea of the possible look. Look is important, but there are dozens of critically important strategic factors based on your exact situation that go into constructing a highly effective resume. These intangibles are what you are paying for when you hire a professional service. Invest in yourself, career, and job search.

Preparing your own resume is a mistake and an error in judgment. All resume services that give away their work with public samples produce low quality resumes. We have reviewed hundreds of resume samples from every large and small resume service you would encounter. These services produce what qualifies as a resume but they do not produce professional grade and high impact resumes. We do not help our competitors by providing samples of quality resumes.

Critical Resume Factors No Sample Will Provide

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It is a resume issue: A lack of calls, interviews, and follow up on jobs people are qualified for is a result of candidates poorly presenting themselves with homemade resumes. - 2012 Annual HR Survey /

Resume Importance

The foundation to job, career, and financial success is your resume presentation. Invest in yourself and a professionally written and formatted resume. It is the most important and responsible action you can take.

It is a Resume Issue

It is not a lack of open jobs, employers not hiring, the economy, over / under qualified, time of year, better qualified candidates, or any other reason for a slow job search and few interviews. It is a resume issue.

Know Your Writers

Our professional and certified writing team are experts in HR / staffing, recruiting, and resume writing. We develop resumes based on how hiring managers assess candidates, evaluate resumes, and make decisions.