Most Qualified? Nope, The Best Resume Wins

If you did not already have enough things to bother and annoy you, this little bit of information will certainly rank up there as one of those things that makes you say, that's just not fair! Well, unless you just stopped in from outer space, you must know that the world is not fair. That should not get you down. The unfair world is what challenges, excites, and motivates us. You need to step up to the plate and show "the system" who's boss. Take a lesson from Mr. Bill Gates. Life is not fair; get used to it.

Was it fair that you were not born to rich parents? That you are not a supermodel? That you are not really good at math? My guess is that you do not sit around and think about how unfair the world is, or you would not be reading this right now. Don't worry, there are many out there to take your place. These are the people sitting on the couch for eight hours per day waiting for the first of the month to get their check as they blame, complain, and explain to anyone who will listen what a raw deal they were given. Trust me, there are millions of those people out there like this. Many of them elected the last president.

So what is this unfair thing you we have alluded to. First, let me give you some background on how we know this so you do not have to send it that fact check place, that doesn't do a very good job of checking facts. I, and many people I know, work at brand name companies recruiting and managing HR staffing departments, in addition to working at some start-ups that actually ended up striking gold. I have also owned and been a managing partner at a technology headhunting firm placing hundreds of candidates with companies you have definitely heard of.

Not impressed? Good, it's not that impressive, but I like what do. I am telling you this because I know firsthand this highly annoying secret from having sat across the desk from endless hiring managers reviewing tens of thousands of resumes. Here it is. If you have an incredibly sharp, polished, well written, and expertly formatted resume, you will likely get chosen for an interview long before the person with the most experience that sends a crummy resume! For you glass is half full people, I know, this is not annoying information at all. This is incredibly useful insight! You are welcome half-fullers.

So before you say to yourself, my resume is good enough, no it is not. I have seen hundreds of thousands of resumes and there is basically zero chance that your resume is at the level it should be and could be. It's not even close. Stop with the denial. It sucks. Besides stinking, here is where else you go wrong. You think you have it figured out what is important to put on a resume and what employers and hiring managers want to see. Guess what? You clearly do not. Remember, I have years of firsthand knowledge on the topic. You don't really get it because it takes years of recruiting and working with hiring managers to understand. So, stop messing around with your livelihood and get your resume professionally prepared. There is no excuse. You waste more money eating out.

Reprinted by Permission: Professional Recruiter Org