$49 Resume Writing Services will Cost You

Searching out the cheapest resume writing service you can find to prepare a document that directly impacts your employment, financial, and personal well-being is irresponsible. It is true that there is not always a correlation between what you pay for some things and the quality of the product or service you receive, however, in the case of $49 resume services you are going to be very disappointed, and you are going to get exactly what you paid for.

Recruiting professionals like ourselves frequently engage and utilize resume writing services because nearly all candidates that submit their resume to us are submitting an inferior document that we would never send to our clients / hiring managers. This is not the case some of the time but ALL of the time. The resumes people put together on their own are a complete disaster and the ones they pay $49 for are only slightly better.

Good recruiters know that it is critically important that the resume they submit to their clients be an exceptional document. There is just no choice in the matter if they want their candidate to be chosen for an interview. You really do only have one shot to impress an employer and get an interview. This is a great lesson that most job seekers will never truly understand. Some people of course do get it and they seek a professional service to get their resume completed correctly versus trying to market themselves around with a resume they pieced together.

From our many years of experience actively working with resume services to assist our candidates, there is no way possible that you will get a high quality resume for $49. It is just not possible. No resume service that devotes the time required to properly layout, design, write, construct, provide advice, and prepare a high quality resume can do it by charging $49. Even if they outsourced it to China it could not be done. We have literally seen and been involved with hundreds of thousands of resumes in recruiting, staffing, and human resources. We know what goes into making a quality document, and $49 won't do it.

Low-end resume writing companies are producing what qualifies as a resume, so don't worry about getting totally scammed. You will get your resume, but it is going to be prepared with pre-made and very mediocre job descriptions and information, general one-size fits all templates, short truncated sentences that show no intelligence, incorrect formatting and packaging, and nothing of real value is going to be added to the resume. Basically, you may as well stick with what you're using, or make sure you send a whole lot of high quality material to them.

Cheap resume services are certainly not going to take the time to advise you on what NOT to include on your resume. In many ways this is more important than what to put on it. Most people leave many things on their resume that is completely counterproductive to impressing hiring managers and securing interviews. This is where job seekers go way wrong with resumes and cheap resume services do not care enough to help you to truly understand how hiring really works, and what hiring managers and recruiters see on a resume.

Unless someone has spent many years in corporate recruiting, staffing, headhunting, and HR they will not have an accurate perspective on what should and should not be on a resume. Employers make decisions on resumes and candidates based on risk. Many people needlessly present a risk to employers because they have not packaged information correctly.

The people doing the interviewing and hiring at companies see things quite differently and from a different perspective than job seekers. Job seekers may think they have it figured out, but they surely do not based on having seeing hundreds of thousands of resumes. Nobody charging $49 dollars for a resume is going to take the time to give valuable advice, assuming they actually know what advice to give. It is too much work and it is not required of them to do so.

A resume is not something to be cheap about when deciding to get it prepared. You do not want to receive what qualifies as a resume but have it be a ridiculous product with no breadth and depth to it. We know resume services, we have seen many great outcomes from high quality resume services, and we have also seen the poor products produced by the $49 type resume services of the world. It is just not possible to produce a high quality resume at this price.

There are a couple of well known $49 resume services out there. I encourage you to look at the samples they provide. If you believe these are quality resumes, you are mistaken. These are poorly worded and prepared resumes in every capacity. On the surface they may look a little better than what you have, but that is not going to get the job done. High quality resumes can accomplish amazing things in terms of attracting quality employers and jobs. Invest your money wisely and avoid services like these. Your work, career, and livelihood are worth far more than $49. Think about it.

Reprinted by Permission: Professional Recruiter Org