Guaranteed Job and Resume Scams

As a long-time HR and recruiting industry professional I have witnessed firsthand a lot of the nonsense that goes on online and offline with people and companies who try to take advantage of people when it comes to employment, job searching, resumes, and recruiting. The endless stories of people having problems with companies found on Craigslist, false  online advertisements, and other common scams clearly show that people do not always use very good judgment. A little common sense can prevent most problems.

Obviously, nobody can guarantee you a new job, interviews, or anthing else related to employment, and if you try to collect on things like resume money-back guarantees from companies promising something so outrageous, you will be quickly redirected to the fine print or terms of service on the company's website which will have policies and terms that will prevent you from collecting.

Example: Common requirements to receive your money-back for a resume.

  • Proof that 50 resumes were sent to companies by certified mail or fax.
  • Last two years of tax returns to show you were not gainfully employed.
  • You have to wait six months just in case a company calls you later on.
  • Provide three months of unemployment checks or a letter from the IRS.

No matter how hard you try, how much energy you expend, and how many complaints you file, you will not get your money back, period. These companies do not care if you file complaints or give bad reviews because they know the world is a big place and people will continue to fall for scams as long as scammers exist. You can take a lesson and learn from many before you who have tried to collect. In the end, you will think to yourself that you new better and write it off as a lesson learned. If it sounds to good to be true...

Of course it is never a good idea or a wise decision to engage any business that makes false and grandiose claims upfront about impossible outcomes as a result of using their service or buying their product, such as guaranteeing a new job or interviews. The only guarantee that you should be interested in as a consumer is whether the company will guarantee your satisfaction with your purchase. For example, nearly all resume writing services will offer revisions and changes to your new resume if needed until you accept your documents. That is all you should expect.

It is true that there is not always a correlation between what you pay for some things and the quality of the product or service you receive, however, in the case of really cheap resume writing services ($20 to $50) you are going to get exactly what you paid for. You will not actually get scammed out of you money. You will just get a bad product. No resume service can devote the time required to properly layout, design, and write a high quality resume for $49. You are looking for a high quality resume, not just a resume.

The answer to protect yourself is not the endless product and service review websites you can find online or services that have been proven to do things for paying customers in order to give them a better or higher rating like the Better Business Bureau, Yelp, etc. The BBB is though slightly better than most, but even they have severe credibility issues as you can read about online from thorough investigations into what some have called extortion like business practices against small and large businesses.

Several problems are present when looking at supposedly credible review websites like the BBB and Yelp, and non-credible websites like ripoff report. Most accept unsubstantiated complaints without ever making an effort to legitimize the complaint, such as any real names, evidence, and documentation. Bacially, you should never trust or give credibility to reviews or complaints online. Be aware too that more and more businesses are suing review sites and people directly who make negative reviews. Do not think that by hiding your name they will not be able to track you down. It is best to not incur the risk of review writing.

Trusting your fellow man will only help to avoid being scammed if you find there are just far too many complaints or negative reviews for it to be an infrequent occurence. Just know though that many complaints and reviews filed on these sites are made by competitors trying to harm another company's reputation, or by the irrational and emotional victim-type people in society. I have worked with and gotten to know thousands of people in recruiting over the years. As a result, I do not place too much faith in other people's judgment. I'll make my own decisions, and if it does not work out, so be it.

There are no full proof answers to avoid having problems with products and services you purchase. Everything you do and every decision you make in life involves some level of risk. These are risks that you must take, because if you do not, you will never progress forward and grow, or you will do it much more slowly. The people who get ahead in life and accomplish the most take risks. The key is to take calculated risks. At the very least, carefully review the company's website and give them a call. This is really all you can do. Remember, inaction may be safe, but it builds nothing. Action cures fear, inaction creates terror. Make decisions, take action, and move forward.

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