How to Choose a Resume Writing Service

There are numerous key factors that go into a successful resume. Unless you have worked extensively in staffing, recruiting, headhunting, and human resources you are not going to get them right. We know this because we are experts in these areas. We have been the recipient of hundreds of thousands resumes received from job postings and we have sat across the desk from endless hiring managers reviewing thousands of candidates at brand name companies. Your resume is hurting you

HR and recruiters forward exceptional resumes to hiring managers.

Perception is reality. Marketing yourself to quality companies with a resume you made on your own is an error in judgment and a costly financial, business, and career mistake. If you do not present yourself to prospective employers at the highest level possible, regardless of your job function, you will be undermining their perception of you. Your resume is a business presentation, marketing brochure, and sales literature that must be strategically prepared by professionals with expertise in hiring and resume writing.

10 Tips for Choosing a Service

1. "Guaranteed job" scams are how some companies choose to market themselves. If you see guaranteed job and interview claims in ads or on a company's website, move on. Obviously, nobody can guarantee you anything with regard to interviews and jobs. If you try to collect on a resume money-back guarantee you will be directed to the fine print on the company's site which will have terms that will prevent you from collecting.

2. Do not be fooled by advertisements that claim "best resume services", "top 5 / top 10 resume services", and "resume service reviews". These "review" sites are only trying to funnel you into websites they actually own or are paid to represent. Nobody is paying for expensive resume writing service ads to make you a better informed consumer. Some people are easily influenced by "best / top" claims and they take advantage of this.

3. Useless resume builders are everywhere. Resume builders fail people for several reasons. You must know what content to include or exclude on a resume, which a resume builder will not tell you, and how to package it correctly for employers. Look out for the word free in ads, as in free resumes, templates, etc. Nothing useful from these sites is going to be free. You will end up wasting a lot time and be annoyed with yourself.

4. Quality services never give away their work for free. Services that provide resume samples produce low quality resumes. We have reviewed hundreds of samples from every service you would encounter. The poor quality of the samples we have viewed leaves us in disbelief that they would display them publicly. Also, an irrelevant sample will only provide some idea of the look and not the key factors based on your situation.

5. $49 services will never result in a quality resume product. It is true that there is not always a correlation between what you pay and the quality of the product you receive, however, in the case of $49 resume services you are going to get exactly what you paid for. No resume service can devote the time required to properly layout, design, and write a high quality resume for $49. You are looking for a quality resume, not just a resume.

Hiring Research: Overwhelming evidence exists that resumes prepared by experts in hiring practices, recruitment, staffing, and strategic resume writing result in significantly more interviews, more recruiter calls, better employer choices, and a shortened job search. Hiring Managers look at resumes and candidates from a completely different perspective that job seekers clearly do not understand. DIY resumes underperform.

6. Do not limit your options by insisting on a sit down resume service. That is how things were done over a decade ago. Computers, Internet, email, etc. have made the resume process efficient and less costly. You are not being a wise resume shopper or getting extra assurance that your resume will be better by hunting one down. You will needlessly be paying extra for your resume along with the aggravation of driving there.

7. Services found through job sites will never be your best option. A company affiliated with a popular job site will not ensure a quality resume. Resume quality only has to do with the people who develop it. A major downside of using a service found through a job site is the outrageous cost. A quality resume does not have to cost hundreds of dollars. These services are overpriced because the job site has to get a nice cut of the fee.

8. Do not be influenced by writing certifications and BBB accreditations. We all have them, but they are not worth the paper they are written on in terms of ensuring a quality resume. If a service is interested in paying to have a certification or logo to display, the test is easy to pass and the BBB scheme is not reliable. A quality resume writer needs to be a creative person with significant work experience in HR, staffing, and recruiting.

9. When entering a site assess your initial impression upon seeing it. Is it professional, modern, and sharp? Are there giant fonts, lots of bold text, red fonts, rambling content, and an unprofessional feel to the site? Those are all signs that you should keep looking. A nice site will not ensure a great resume, but it is hard to imagine that a quality service would not invest in a quality site, especially since resumes have to do with presentation.

10. Being accessible via online chat, phone, etc. is a key factor when selecting a service. Many resume services provide no options for contacting them, and you often have to wait up to a week to receive your resume. If the company makes it difficult for you to connect with them this is a sure sign you should look further. Just think how annoying and hard it would be if you have additional questions or need to make changes.