Local Resume Services for Dummies?

If you have been out of the job market for a while, or if it has finally dawned on you that your resume is the most important document that you will ever have in life and you should finally take it serious and have a professional do it, you will be confronted with some thoughts as to how to get this project done. Few thoughts bring such unpleasantness as the resume, considering there are somewhere around 10,000 other things you can think of that you would rather be doing.

You fall into one of two camps when contemplating the resume. The first thought for one camp is to find a local resume service to stop into, and the second group's first thought is to go online. If you're let's say 40 and under, online is really all you've ever known. If you're 40 plus you think local office, maybe because you recall a couple of decades ago when you picked up the yellow pages to look for a resume service when you got out of school or something. If you have been progressing with the times, you still may see the yellow pages get inexplicably delivered several times per year, only to make it to the recycle bin, but you know that it is no longer a product designed for efficiency. If you are insistent on using the yellow pages, I'm guessing you're no longer active in the employment marketplace. Congratulations.

So what's wrong with a local resume shop? Nothing, I guess, but it's kind of like asking what's wrong with any product or service that remains in existence for many years after its usefulness and functionality has gone. It's kind of like a video store. Still here, but would you ever? Here's the deal, you are not being a wise shopper and getting some extra internal security by trying to hunt down a local resume service. Whether you go into a store or not, it is obviously not going to ensure you won't get a bad product. Well, I could go in and yell at them, you're thinking. What's that really going to get you? Nothing, except less gas. Do your research if you want on an online service, and maybe even see if they have an actual location, but don't sell yourself short by limiting yourself to finding a local resume service.

Well don't I need to have 100 copies printed on fancy paper? what about an interview? Okay, let's step back. A resume these days can be printed on any laser printer at your home or at Kinko's, and it doesn't have to be on paper that doesn't bend. If you want 20 copies and you don't have a printer, buy a $5 memory stick, copy your resume, and take it somewhere to be printed, like a buddy's house. What about the in-person interview? What about my goals!? Again, it is nothing that can't be accomplished very efficiently over the phone or through email. Spending hundreds of extra dollars needlessly to have someone transcribe your life is a waste. A targeted questionnaire can do the job nicely.

Speaking of the almighty dollar, the real reason technology is so great is that you no longer have to pay hundreds of dollars for a professional resume by heading to a brick and mortar local resume service. If you do actually manage to find one, because you've always been a little slow to change, keep in mind that it's needlessly going to cost you, a lot. It doesn't have to be that way. Computers, Internet, Email, 800 numbers, online chat, customer reviews, etc. have made it so the resume writing process can be more efficient and less costly. You should take full advantage of technology and have a resume professionally prepared inexpensively from a company you find online. The return on investment is immeasurable.

Reprinted by Permission: Professional Recruiter Org