Product Packaging Sells Products (You)

It does not take an ivy-league MBA to know why billions of dollars are spent every year to package a product or service for sale in the marketplace. Companies know that they can even take a mediocre product, dress it up, and have success selling it. A product that is packaged extremely well to appeal to its target audience sells. Companies know that there is nothing more crucial for long-term success than how they deliver their message to the consumer or other businesses. They know you can have the best product in the world, but if its not package like a champion, it won't succeed. Companies get this point, but why don't people?

Every company has a marketing department. There is product marketing, technical marketing, strategic marketing, corporate marketing, brand marketing, and others. Marketing is a critical function in any business, so much so that there are thousands of external marketing agencies that companies often utilize to help perfect their marketing efforts. Successful companies do not take chances with the marketing and packaging of its product, and neither should you.

Companies are always trying to improve a product, much like you improve yourself through additional training, education, and skills development. But guess what, just because you improve a product does not mean it will automatically sell. This is the big mistake most people make. They set a goal, such as completing college or a certificate program, and believe this alone will be enough to accomplish the end objective of a new job. It won't, and that is why job search frustration sets in. Improving the product is only half of the equation.

When you send your product offering announcement to a company in response to a need you see, you need to send them a marketing brochure (resume) that looks like it was created by the most successful marketing agency or marketing department on Earth. This is beyond critical. You must make the connection that you are offering yourself (a product) to a company in exchange for money. Whether you believe it or not, your resume is not a world-class document. yes, you. Stop going it alone with your marketing.

Reprinted by Permission: Professional Recruiter Org