Resume Objectives Went Out With Disco

Let's be clear about something up front. If you did not know this, you have no business writing a resume on your own. If you are making that common mistake, surely other errors are present and just as prevalent on your resume. I know, you are thinking, oh my gosh, I've been sending this to employers. Yes, you have, and that is not a good thing.

It should not make you feel better, but you are not alone in your lack of resume writing knowledge and judgment. Yes, your resume has garnered some snickers from professional staffing, recruiters, and HR people, but you shouldn't cry over spilled milk. What you can do is to stop screwing around with your livelihood, get serious, and make your resume a professional presentation that commands respect from quality employers. Your resume right now is getting deleted faster than you could ever imagine. Listen, there's no easy street in life or when it comes to a resume. Change your thinking.

So now you're going to go out and try to figure out this whole objective statement snafu you've been a part of. Didn't you read what I just wrote? This is no time to continue jerking around with an activity that should clearly be left to professionals. You wouldn't do your own wedding invitations, right? What is more important than the presentation you make to prospective employers, who you want to pay you money, than your resume?

Let me share something with you. No matter how much time you spend trying to piece together your own resume, it is never going to get done with the quality such a document requires. You had your chance. Now it is time to step up to the plate and stop trying to be a DIY'r on something as important as a professional resume. Stop sabotaging yourself.

I know, you thought hey, how hard can it be to put a resume together. You'll save a buck so you can have some money to go out this weekend and do it yourself. There are all of these samples and examples out there. You'll just copy one. So that is what you did, but guess what, you are still left with this embarrassing amateurish document that is not helping your cause. Of course it's not hard to put a resume together. People put them together all of the time.

I see tens of thousands per year that I know were homemade and given the stamp of approval from the spouse. Don't miss the point. Slapping together some words and paragraphs on a piece of paper is very easy but the outcome is not going to be a professional, sharp, and well written document, and that is what is required to attract quality employers and get a quality job. C'mon now. This is serious business we are talking about.  You are not being frugal or responsible by putting together your own resume. You are being the exact opposite. Time is ticking, in case you haven't noticed.

Reprinted by Permission: Professional Recruiter Org