Free Resume Templates Always Fail People

Many people believe they are using their brain to beat the system or save a buck by doing a half hour of Internet research to look for resume templates and resume examples. Ultimately, their effort turns out to be a losing proposition with the production of an inferior resume that completely fails to impress hiring managers, recruiters, and HR staff at quality companies. While browsing, they will certainly get roped into the words free and resume in the same sentence.

Better than trying to duplicate a resume, they will delve into what they think is a better route and try out some free resume builders or resume makers. After they waste a couple of hours playing with it, the end result is the same, and what was supposed to be free didn't turn out to be so free after all.

How could copying a resume template or sample be a bad thing? You can even find samples that resume writers put on their website. Here's a little secret. Most resume writers you will run across are part-time, afterhours, or weekend operations. The resumes they produce look like this is a side job for them. What about the big known services? Same thing. The resumes are just not good.

I have literally look at several hundred resume samples from large and small resume writing services and they are mind-boggling insufficient. I am dead serious. It is amazing to me that they would actually put these samples out there for the world to see. Everybody somehow has decided that putting samples out there is the way to go in order to sell their service, but unbeknownst to them, it is having the opposite effect. Also, don't get me started on the Microsoft Word samples. Nothing reeks of unprofessionalism more than those sorry templates. In the end, many do-it-yourselfers invest a lot of time trying to copy or duplicate bad resume samples.

The format of a resume format is crucial. The wording and content of a resume is also crucial. This is not something that someone can pick up and decide one day to do with any degree of sabotage. People may think they can, but they are sorely mistaken based on the tens of thousands of resumes I have seen and deleted from my email. When a resume is pieced together from different sources the outcome is not going to be at the level required to secure interviews and a new job quickly.

This is a professional document used to market and advertise a person. Think about that for a moment. People are seeking a company that they want to pay them money to do a job and perform a service. The person that gets chosen is the one who presents themselves as the most qualified, professional, and sharp candidate. This is not something to take chances with as a resume weekend warrior. Writing your own resume will only have one outcome, a longer stay on the unemployment line.

Reprinted by Permission: Professional Recruiter Org