Resumes are Just Like Job Descriptions

Have you noticed that when you read a job description from a company or recruiter that is very well written, has some depth to it, thought out and thorough, and professional looking and sounding that your perception of that job and company is much more positive than a job description that has too little or too much detail, short bullets, no engaging summary, etc.? There is something about that kind of quality job description that sells candidates and increases desire and interest for a particular job.

Now think about a resume from the same standpoint. Picture the perception of a resume from a recruiter, hiring manager, or human resources standpoint that is really sharp and well thought out with quality sentences constructed with impressive words, adjectives, and adverbs. Think about how you feel when you see a resume with a format and layout that looks like it was done by a professional marketing or ad agency. Resumes like that sell, incredibly well. They influence the reader / buyer to take action.

Sadly, 99% of job descriptions and resumes do not fit this criteria. It is an easy equation to understand, whether you are hiring or job seeking. A very high quality resume or job description gets far better results than a mediocre one. Employers, recruiters, and job seekers are often guilty of the same thing. A combination of not enough effort and not seeing resumes and job descriptions objectively (unbiased by personal opinion and conditioning) leads to a poor presentation. What a shame since results suffer in both situations. Don't skimp and sell your job opening or yourself short.

Reprinted by Permission: Professional Recruiter Org