Critical Resume / Job Search Considerations

A resume is a professional sales and marketing advertisement. It is no different than what a company may use to help sell a product or service. Unfortunately, most job seekers do not think of resumes in these terms. Resumes to most are some sort of necessary evil. They don't like putting it together and they are sick of looking at it.

Well, what if a company that has employees relying on them, much like a family might rely on someone, decided they were going to skip the important step of having an exceptional marketing advertisement to help sell them to potential customers? Obviously that is not a wise decision, yet people everywhere take this approach with their personal resume advertisement.

10 not so obvious job search considerations concerning your resume.

  1. Being overly confident with the resume you put together is a colossal mistake. Nearly all of the thousands of resumes we have seen were not high quality.
  2. Human Resources staff, recruiters and hiring managers are strongly influenced and give preferential treatment to a candidate with an outstanding resume.
  3. Perception is reality. The hiring manager's perception of a candidate's suitability for a job is directly tied to the resume. Mediocre resume, mediocre candidate.
  4. You can sell yourself into a dream job, even against candidates with better qualifications, but it requires a powerful resume presentation.
  5. Your resume represents HR, staffing, and recruiters to hiring managers, so only the absolute best resumes get forwarded. Your resume is a reflection of them.
  6. Thinking your resume is "good enough" or "it really doesn't matter that much" is exactly why job searches drag on or fail. Exceptional resumes sell candidates.
  7. What you see, and what recruiters and hiring managers see, on a resume often does not line up. An objective third party working on your resume is critical.
  8. Scraping the Internet for free resume templates, resume examples, and resume builders will not produce the professional document needed for success.
  9. The resume you are sending and bringing to potential employers is likely hurting your cause. We have seen the positive outcomes of having a perfect resume.
  10. Companies have marketing departments for a reason. Professionally prepared marketing and advertising material is key to selling products and services.

Reprinted by Permission: Professional Recruiter Org