Resumes Sabotage Most Job Searches

Shooting off that resume you pieced together to prospective employers and recruiters is irresponsible and a horrible error in judgment on many levels. This is your livelihood, money, security, and your future we are talking about. Like delusional people who really think they can sing on Idol, you are doing the same thing with your resume! As a result, you are suffering the same fate by quickly getting booted out of the competition.

Somehow you have convinced yourself that your resume is either good or it really doesn't matter that much. Why? Mostly because you're cheap. Be honest. You would rather waste money on a restaurant, cable bill, fancy cell phone, or some other very useful item. Think about that for a minute. Nice priorities. If somehow you have arrived at the conclusion that your resume is good, good enough, won't matter, or any of the other rationalizations you're good at coming up with, you are suffering from a form of distorted thinking like many other contestants in the job market competition.

Sorry, we are not intersted in your feelings. We are interested in getting you great jobs at great companies with great pay. As recruiters, we look at your disastrous resumes day after day. We will never send them to our hiring managers. You represent us and we are not putting our stamp of approval on your ridiculous resume. It is time to wake up. You're blowing it. Hey smart guy, I got a job with my last resume. Really, how is that working out? Do you have your dream job? Dream company? Dream pay? Your resume got you a job that correlated with the quality of your resume. You settled.

For the job searches and careers resumes don't kill, it makes the job search last a whole lot longer than it needs to, and it keeps people in jobs that are beneath them. Most people do not even make it past first base with companies, and they don't even know it. How sad. They blame it on companies not hiring, the economy, too many job seekers, and on and on and on. No, it is none of those things. It is your resume that looks like a child put it together. Here's the deal. You have not done nearly enough to sell yourself with your current resume, and continuing to try on your own to perfect it is futile for several reasons explained below.

In a nutshell, and whether you are in denial or not, you are presenting this thing that represents you to employers, and it's garbage. You of course don't think it is, but it is Grade A junk. What do you think a sharp hiring manager at a quality company thinks of a person that presents themselves as garbage? Hey, my buddy or spouse told me it looks great. Really? Your spouse took a look at it? Brilliant. Like nearly all resumes, it looks like you spent what you thought was a lot of time on it, got tired of messing with it, and here you sit. No job and a crummy resume to send to employers.

How do I know these things? Easy, I have worked in several high volume HR departments at brand name companies, and I have recruited externally for many years placing people directly into quality companies. Trust me, I am an expert. I have easily looked at and reviewed over 500,000 resumes. I currently have a database with nearly half that many resumes in it. Guess what 99% of these resume have in common? They stink. There are degrees of stinkiness, but the bottom line is that they stink. In case you're wondering, a bad stink is going to get the same results as light stink. Stink is stink. These resume you are rolling with are brutal and it boggles the mind that people would sabotage themselves with something so critically important to their livelihood.

How could this be? How could this happen? Built into man are some mental characteristics that lead to these major problems. Number one, people cannot be objective when looking at themselves and what they do. They think they can, but they can't. That's obvious, since if they could, they would not be sending out these disasters to businesses. There is a certain personal bias that causes people to have blinders on when they are reviewing themselves and their own work.

Number two, rationalizing. Man's downfall is his ability to rationalize. It's not my resume, it's dumb companies. It can't be my resume, I just don't have the experience. It's not my resume, they're just not serious about hiring. It's not my resume, there are probably better candidates. You are looking at the results of your job search and you are rationalizing, plain and simple. The rationalizations you are coming up with are not the cause of you not getting a new job. People can literally sell themselves into any job with any company, but they need to present a world-class document to get the job done.

Here's something you haven't figured out on your own, obviously. Your resume is not a professional, sharp, well written and formatted document with all of the right sections that includes items that will get you interviewed and hired. Think about this. I still see resumes with objective statements! I'm not sure what went out first, putting an objective statement on a resume or disco. I'm sure you are still at the point of believing the resume you are using is good enough to get the job done, but it's not. When you send that contraption to quality employers, smart hiring managers, and savvy Human Resource professionals, they don't think much of you and that's a really big problem.

I am sure I speak for many in the employment field when I say that I am so incredibly tired of looking at piles of half-assed resumes day after day and week after week (yes, that includes yours) that I almost secretly enjoy the fact that some people don't have a job. It's gotten that bad, but you know what, it's nobody's fault but their own. Anyway, stop blowing it by sending that resume you made to employers. Be professional and get it done.

Reprinted by Permission: Professional Recruiter Org