Don't Send Me a Resume Builder Resume

So you have almost come to the realization that the employment game is not a game at all but serious business requiring an exceptional effort on your behalf. The connection has finally been made that what you present to prospective employers, hiring managers, human resources, and professional recruiters must be beyond exceptional if you want to impress them and get chosen for an interview. Congratulations, better late than never.

So now what. Do it yourself? You've been there. It's not working. Monster resume service? Do you feel like taking out a second mortgage to needless pay for an outrageously marked-up resume from the company they outsource to? CareerBuilder resume service? See monster answer. So then you start running some Internet searches and arrive at resume builders, some even claiming the holy grail, freeeee. That's it! That is the answer. A cross between a real resume writing service with a little DIY mixed in. A semi-homemade resume. Sounds delicious.

But in the back of your mind you're thinking free. Something is telling you that nothing useful is ever really free. Well, maybe this is one of those rare occasions where a company is spending a lot of money on an Internet ad and they have decided out of the goodness of their heart to just go ahead and give it away. Ya, right. That ends the delusional free thinking. So now what? Well, a resume builder must be cheaper in some way than a resume service. Wait, a fleeting thought runs through your head. Why I am seeking the cheap free route? This is my livelihood I'm talking about. Aren't I worth it? Oh well, let’s be cheap.

Okay, enough screwing around. Resume builders will never be a good option for several key reasons. Primarily, it has to do with the fact that a person needs to know exactly what items should be included on a resume and how they should be packaged to actually help sell a person. Throwing in the kitchen sink is an incredibly bad idea for a resume and adding too little or the wrong information is just as bad. Packaging is what sells a product. You are not going to know while using a resume builder or resume software what you should or should not include. You may think you do, but you do not. Trust me. I have seen hundreds of thousands of resumes in recruiting and you clearly don't get it.

Knowing exactly what to put on a resume takes many years of consultation directly with hiring managers, HR staffing professionals, and everybody involved in the hiring process. Fortunately, there are some resume writers with this experience and you should invest in one. You do not want some resume writer that got an English degree, got tired of working at Target, and then opened up a resume shop. You want someone who will give you straightforward advice that will help you to get hired. Ask yourself this too in terms of your search for cheap. How much money will you spend frivolously on useless items, partying, and eating out this year? Maybe it is time you invest in yourself.

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