Your Resume is Not Good. Deal With It

You have convinced yourself that it is good, or good enough, but it's not. You said, hey, I can put together a resume. I'm a DIY'r kind of person. How hard could it be. I fixed my leaky toilet for crying out loud. I can certaintly put together a resume. That's kind of like saying that the janitor at IBM can put together a marketing brouchure for the IBM sales department because he cruised around on the Internet for a bit and saw some samples. Well, C'mon, there is big difference you're thinking. Okay, IBM is trying to get other companies to pay them money for a service, and guess what, so are you. Let that sink in for a moment.... It's not sinking in? Okay, why don't you head over to Facebook for whatever you do there so you don't waste anymore time here. Good bye.

Oh, you just got off of FB for the third time today. So here you sit. The phone isn't ringing and you're sorting through emails from insurance companies with available sales jobs. When are you going to get serious? When are you going to sharpen up, be a responsible adult, and finally start taking care of business? Time is ticking, and the longer you go without a job, or progress into a better one, the harder it's going to be. Progress requires action. Things just aren't going to happen miraculously. The time for thinking is over. You just need some luck? Good luck is created, not through some chance occurance, but through hard work and effort.

Oh, I see, you don't have the money to get your resume done. Let me ask you something. How long have you been out of school? 5, 10, 20 years plus? So you've been out of school for that many years and you're telling me you don't have $100 bucks or what ever it costs to invest in yourself? How much did you invest in yourself last year? How much did you spend last month having a good time? Going out to eat? If I'm you, I'm going to beg, borrow, or steel to get the money so I never have to admit to myself, or to anyone else, that I can't come with a $100 bucks to have my resume professionally prepared.

Of course you have the money. That's not the issue. Okay, let's talk about what the real issue is since you're now BofA. You just don't get it. You haven't invested the time to think about this subject. There's nothing fun about it. You've thought about what to put on your FB profile, or about all of the external reasons for the way things are, but you haven't internalized some key things, important things. Sir, I am taking this serious but I have other priorities in my life as well. Really? More important than securing interviews, a job, a livlihood, and a high quality life? What might those be? Let this sink in. There is nothing more important than taking a job search and employment seriously. The time for planning and wishing is over. It's time to wise up and get in the game.

Reprinted by Permission: Professional Recruiter Org