ResumeProfile Complaints / Better Business Bureau has not received any customer complaints, an amazing track record we are very proud of considering we have built tens of thousands of resumes for customer nationwide. We attribute this remarkable track record to our dedication to doing an outstanding job for each customer.

We have constructed over 59,200 resumes for our customers. Our track record is impeccable.

The only legitimate and credible place to obtain real customer complaints on a company is through the Better Business Bureau (BBB). An honest and believable claim is only found through this organization, not the endless ripoff and scam review sites designed solely for the purpose of making money off of consumers.

These non-credible review websites accept unsubstantiated complaints without any effort or means to legitimize the complaint, such as names, evidence, and documentation. Many complaints filed on these sites are made by competitors trying to harm another company's reputation. The BBB accepts, legitimizes, records, and follows up on all complaints from consumers on all companies within the United States, regardless if the company pays membership dues to them.

Ask the Experts: A lack of calls, interviews, and follow up on jobs people are qualified for is a result of people poorly representing themselves with inferior resumes. 2018 Annual HR Survey -

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