Frequently Asked Resume Questions

Why hire a writing service?

This is your livelihood, money, career, security, and future at stake. It is worth the modest investment so you do not have to suffer the consequences of representing yourself to employers with a homemade resume. Everything begins or ends with your resume. The problem is not a lack of open jobs, nobody is hiring, the economy, time of year, better candidates, etc. It is a resume issue.

Why are you my best option?

Resume Profile associates have extensive work experience in corporate human resources, recruiting and staffing, external headhunting, and business, technical, and creative writing. We are skilled experts at effectively packaging a resume to achieve maximum results with HR, recruiters, and hiring managers. We know how they think, evaluate resumes, and assess candidates. Why nobody produces a better resume

How do you do it so quickly?

We are a normal business with a full-time staff. Nearly all other resume services are part-time or after-hour operations and cannot handle next day delivery. The writing process we utilize (strategize, outline, layout, design, development, review, finalize) is slow and takes several hours to complete. You should never have to wait longer than the next day or pay extra to get your resume sooner.   

How are your prices so low?

We are a full-time resume writing company unlike most which are part-time, after-hour, or weekend operations. Resumes are all we do so we can accept more clients and be more competitively priced. Expensive resume services found through job boards and career sites are outsource resume services. These resume services have to mark up the resume price to pay the job site/board.

What will my resume look like?

Each resume we write and package is perfectly tailored, original, and 100% custom. There are many variations of resumes we prepare in terms of layout, fonts, style, content, headings, etc. Our resumes exceed all resume quality standards and are appropriately worded, formatted, and packaged with new and upgraded information based on a person's specific job function, career, and industry.

Will you understand my goals?

You may be wondering if we will truly understand your situation and what you are trying to accomplish. We absolutely will. We are incredibly knowledgeable in all job functions, careers, and industries. We know what to include and exclude on a resume and how to strategically package it for either multiple types of positions or specific ones. You are in very good hands using our resume writing service.

What experience do you have?

Everyone working at Resume Profile has been in the trenches of HR, staffing, and recruiting for many years. We have sat across the desk from endless hiring managers reviewing tens of thousands of resumes and candidates. This knowledge is critical for preparing an effective resume presentation. It is important to know that what you see on a resume is not what an employer or hiring manager sees.

Can you guarantee interviews?

Do not be fooled by money-back guarantee promises. If you try to collect on a resume money-back guarantee you will be directed to the website's fine print which will have impossible to satisfy terms preventing you from collecting. We do guarantee your 100% satisfaction and we will make endless resume revisions and changes if needed until you accept your completed resume documents.

How is information collected?

Information can be gathered easily using current/past resumes, simple questionnaire, profiles, etc. We do not collect all information needed verbally because it does not work well and can lead to inaccuracies. Resume writing services do not gather information verbally in-person or over the phone except for ones that charge several hundred dollars. We will understand your information and new job goals.

What jobs are we experts in?

Healthcare / Medical - Administrative / Office - Accounting / Finance - Sales / Business Development - Customer Service / Support - Manufacturing / Production - Transportation / Logistics - Human Resources - Hospitality / Service - Engineering / Technical - Marketing - Communication - Social Sciences - Biotech / Pharmaceutical - Education / Training - Retail - Facilities / Maintenance - Legal / Law - Operations / Business - General Labor - Software Development - Purchasing / Contracts - Construction - Engineering - Mortgage - Lending - Information Technology - Advertising - Supply Chain - Insurance / Billing - Security / Loss Prevention - Banking - Arts / Humanities - Etc.

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