Customer Reviews for Resume Profile

  • Wow, that's great. As of now I do not have any changes. I was told I would also receive a cover letter and thank you letter is that something you prepare? Thank you.
    Bob D., Meridian, ID, Purchasing Manager
  • Thank you compiling all the info I sent and creatively writing a resume. Plus thank you for the "Job Search Lifecycle eBook" -- very helpful...Appreciate being in touch with you and this particular service.
    Barb J., Milpitas, CA, Executive Admin
  • It looks fantastic! Best investment I could make right now! I truly appreciate the end result. This is the first time in 22 years that I have been unemployed and I have have only had two employers in the last 20 years. Your advice and suggestions are invaluable, and I feel confident that I won't be in the job market for long thanks to the product your company delivered. I am a very satisfied customer!
    Kelly B., Austin, TX, Staff Accountant
  • Thank you, I have reviewed my Resume, Cover, and Thank You letters and I am pleased with the results. Again, thank you very much for the Professional Service and you have earned a new customer. I understand why you have great reviews and no complaints for!
    Louis V., Bayonne, NJ, Medical Sales Rep
  • I am truly impressed with you and your team at Resume Profile. I sent over some suggestions to Christina this morning. It's a good feeling to go into this job search confident and putting my best foot forward. A strong resume is especially important in media as I ultimately sell the power of word. Thanks again!

    More feedback later on... this resume is incredible! I almost cant believe it's ME. Your contemporary layout and substantive content is refreshing and impactful. Thanks again for all your hard work and enthusiasm with my resume!
    Paul M., New York, NY, Advertising Sales
  • Hello, Thank you so much for the attention given to my resume. You have saved me countless hours and aggravation I would have face trying to do this myself and still not do it as professionally as you did. I am very pleased with the way it was prepared. I want to thank your company for doing this promptly as promised and looking forward to sending this out early this week.
    Anthony T., Springfield, NJ, Production Mgr
  • Thank you, This is very exciting. Please be sure to give my thanks to your team as well! Everything looks fantastic. Having my resume prepared certainly gets one thing out of the way for me. I have already told my friends & coworkers about the service. They will be contacting you soon. Regards,
    Maritza W., Princeton, NJ, HR Manager
  • I think that Resume Profile did an excellent job rewriting my resume. I too believe that I can now get interviewed for positions because you incorporated the keywords and phrases that employers are expecting. I am very pleased with your work and will not apply for another job until after I receive the finished document from you guys. I now think that the other jobs that I applied for are toast after viewing what employers really want.
    JB P., Memphis, TN, Financial Analyst
  • Wow it is awesome! WOW I'm so impressed! Thank you,  ....more feedback received later...3 resumes already out. Outstanding speed, accuracy and form. I will recommend you all to everyone! Thanks again! So impressed with the rewording of my job description. Everything is perfect. I was telling my Dad who lives in ... that I hope I can live up to this new resume and I recommended you to him. He will be trying for a promotion soon. I look forward to the final product, again, thank you! Wow it is awesome! WOW I'm impressed! Thank you...
    Tina C., Killeen, TX, Medical Technician
  • Thank you. I've been very impressed and appreciate the work you've done. I've already passed your name to some friends who will be contacting you. .... will be contacting you soon to assist with his resume. Thanks again.
    Randy T., American Fork, UT, Transport
  • Thank you so much for your great work. My resume, cover letter and thank you letter all look so professional. I cant wait to start my job search using the new resume. I will certainly recommend your company and services to others. All the best,
    Rebecca H., Bedford, NY, HR Generalist
  • That all looks goods to me. I really appreciate the help and timely fashion. I will be suggesting you guys if anyone asks if I know where to have a resume made.
    Matthew O., Rifle, CO, Warehousing
  • Thanks again!!!!!! I received the final cut today and so far it looks amazing. WOW is all I can say. Thanks so much for the due diligence… You guys are awesome and I will definitely recommend you to all the people I know. Regards,
    Vince C. New York, NY, VP of Technology/CIO
  • Great job!!!!No corrections-you made me sound FABULOUS!!!!!!!!Thank you so much, Sincerely
    Darlene D., Flight Attendant, Henderson, NV
  • I love the resume! Thanks for the great cover letter, resume, and thank you letter!
    Amaida D., Underwriter, Bayonne, NJ
  • I love my resume. It looks professionally written. Thanks.
    Jean-Francois C., Miami, FL, Op Analyst
  • The resume is exceptional. Mostly I wanted to say I appreciate you guys doing what you said you would and for making this a very pleasant experience. I was a bit apprehensive since I've not done anything online like this before. What a huge relief! Thanks again,
    Jason K., Grand Rapids, MI, Store Manager
  • Efficient, professional, expert service provided with excellent customer care. I will be sure to give referrals. Thanks again,
    Suzanne M., Plantation, FL, Accountant
  • Thank you very much for the work that was done to improve my resume. It went beyond my expectations and I'm sure will be a deciding factor in my future job opportunities. You will be recommended to friends, family and co-workers.
    Christopher C., Houston, TX, Event Planner
  • Thank you for the resume. I like it! Again, thank you for your service.
    Connie J., Chicago, IL, Event Planner
  • Outstanding quality and service. This is a very professional resume. Everything is outstanding and wonderful and I look forward to the final along with cover and thank you letters. Thanks soo much and I will tell others about this outstanding company!!!
    Brian T., Norfolk, VA, Network Technician
  • I think it's absolutely brilliant and I don't want to change a thing. You guys really nailed down everything I wanted to say or thought but didn't know how to form it into words. I am really impressed. I will certainly be recommending you guys.
    Robert R., Seattle, WA, Marketing Associate
  • It looks really good. You captured all of my skills. Thanks so much.
    Shan M., Richmond, CA, IT Manager
  • I am very pleased with the resume. I can not believe how good it looks. Thank you
    Heather S., Columbus, OH, Inventory Coord.
  • Good Morning, Now I want to hire me!!! Thanks for the great job. I don't see any changes that I would like to make. If you could just send me the final, cover letter and thank you letter I will start my journey! I appreciate all of your help!
    Daria A., Madera, CA, Office Manager
  • I originally made a payment on behalf of my aunt, ....., for her resume. She was so pleased with your service that her husband, ....., would like to redo his resume as well. Please send all inquiries to ....
    Marcia M., New York, NY, Architect
  • The resume looks good. I am still in awe that you were able to wordsmith it in a way that I don't recognize myself while recognizing that I actually did do all of these things.
    Nicole S., Dublin, CA, Trainer
  • I love the resume!
    Angela M., Arlington, TX, Credit Investigator
  • Hi, The resume is looking good. Thanks a ton. What a relief. I'm quite confident I could not have produced something this nice.
    Zhuo L., Loan Closer, Richmond, TX
  • Thank you and looks great. Please finalize it. Thank you again for such a professional service. Best regards.
    Thomas L., VP of Construction, Irvine, CA
  • A very well done job. Thank you so much for your help. I am pleased with the service that I received from you. I am glad I found your company to ease my job search. Thus, I will spread the words of mouth to families and friends. The first one right now is my husband as you know by now that we are looking for a warmer state to settle our family. I think it may needs some touch up to get more chances for a job interview.
    Nhu V., St Paul, MN, Cobol Programmer
  • Thank you so much for your help with my resume. I am anxious to show employers the excellent work you have done with my resume. PS: I really cannot wait to show this to employers.
    Kim T., Bettendorf, IA, Client Service Rep
  • I love it! You guys did a great job! I sound so good on paper now.
    Marcus J., Detroit, MI, Assistant Pastor
  • I went kicking and screaming, but I finally get it. This is spectacular!
    Mark D., Lansing, MI, Sales Manager
  • Great Job. I will definitely refer you to my friends. thank you
    Joe K., Kuwait, Security Specialist
  • Everything looks great. I was worried that I would come off sounding like an administrative assistant but I do not. Thank you so much you have done a wonderful job. Thank you again,
    Chevra Z., Duluth, MN, Coordinator
  • It's perfect. Thank you for a wonderful job.
    Tina N., Prairieville, LA, Insurance Sales
  • This is excellent! I am so excited to start searching for a new job and present my resume. I have the name of the school I got my Excel certificate from, it is ABC Adult School. Thank you so much for your quick work!
    Allison S., Marina Del Rey, CA, Admin Asst
  • I reviewed the resume and it looks great I can't wait to try it, thank you.
    Robin J., Annapolis, MD, Training Specialist

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