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  • Wow, after reading this resume I would hire "me"! Everything looks good. One question and I believe I already think I know the answer, how come you left off my _ experience? Is it better to speak about that job if asked? Thank You so much for all of your time.
    Linda T., Melbourne, FL, Planner/Scheduler
  • This is perfect! I can't thank you enough for the great job and the quick turnaround. You were correct, it was a VERY pleasant experience. I'm sorry that I waited so long!
    Annette M., Dallas, TX, Director, Product Mgt
  • Everything looks great! BBB Helped! Thanks,
    Gregory H., Sanford, FL, Financial Analyst
  • Perfect!!!!!!!! Thank You so Much for your help. It looks wonderful, I very like it!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!! It looks great.
    Floribel V., Centreville, VA, AP/Admin Asst
  • Thank you so much - its perfect and I will keep you posted on the outcome of this thing. Thank you again for the help.
    Kathleen S., Golden Valley, AZ, Hospitality Rep
  • Thank for the final resume in word and PDF formats and the final cover letter and final thank you letter. The cover letters and resume look great. I feel confident that your help producing these professional job search documents my search will go well. Thank you again. Happy holidays and wishing the best for your New Year and family.
    David C., Los Angeles, CA, Environmental Consult.
  • Hi there-Wow- you guys are amazing!!!!! It looks incredible! So much better, thank you so much!!!!!!!! Thanks again and I greatly appreciate the excellent job you all have done! .....more feedback sent later - Everything looks perfect! I really can't believe what a wonderful job you and your team did with what I gave you! I'm certain that I will get more of a response now and appreciate the help. Happy holidays and I'll be sure to recommend you in the future.
    Margo B., Catering Manager, Franklin, TN
  • Looks great, thank you!
    Mike N., Mulberry, FL, Installation Tech
  • Wow, worded perfectly, sharp, crisp, clean, and professional. Can't thank you enough for such a fast service at great price.
    Bill I., Lafayette, IN, Regional Service Manager
  • Again, thank you very much. It was a pleasure working with Resume Profile from the beginning to the end of this job. I will definitely refer and use Resume Profile again. Thanks for the best wishes with my search. Have a great day!
    DeLisa J., Washington, DC, Director, Govt Affairs
  • This looks AMAZING! Your team is truly professional and I could have NEVER done this on my own. The BBB can be trusted!
    Rebekah B., Denver, CO, Customer Support Rep
  • I love it. I could be a brain surgeon before I could write a resume. I PROMISE to recommend you every chance that I get. I am so impressed. I wish the best to all of you....I'll let you know how it goes on the job search. Thank You for doing this insurmountable task for me.
    Nita B., Joplin, MO, HSE / Production Manager
  • The resume looks amazing!!!! Makes me sound like I am made of kryptonite, I love it! This rocks!! Let do this!! Looks great I am pleased go ahead and finalize thanks so much.
    Anne O., Savannah, GA, General Manager
  • Wow!! Looks great thanks for all your help! Have a wonderful day!
    Anastacia J., Tamarac, FL, Outreach Coordinator
  • Thank you, it looks and sounds outstanding!
    Gary W., Phoenix, AZ, Pilot
  • You were not kidding around. WOW! 100 times better in just the first draft. Someone told me today you don’t give yourself enough credit for what you know and what you have done over the past 12 years. Well, you guys found a way to capture exactly what I was looking for. This is impactful, catchy and full of conversational activity. Thank you so much. I will spend the morning looking through one more time but if you don’t hear from me by Noon-ET I would say finalize this bad boy. Thank you so much for the straight talk, professional approach and without a doubt the mind boggling turnaround time. I look forward to chatting about my corner office soon!!!
    Greg H., Charlotte, SC, VP of Client Services
  • It looks amazing. I love it. Please proceed. Thank you again.
    Luwam T., Norcross, GA, Customer Service Rep
  • I think it looks great. I'm very pleased. Thank you.
    Bowen L., Lexington, KY, Course Superintendent
  • So far I cannot see anything but perfection! lol Thanks a bunch....
    Tiffany B., Fort Worth, TX, Office Manager
  • Thank you. I think it looks wonderful. You guys are awesome. Thank you for your help. I appreciate it!
    Desiree M., Panama City, FL, Accounting Mgr
  • Hello, Thank you for a great resume, I really appreciate your professionalism and will always be honored to use your services again and will not hesitate refering friends to your firm. Happy Holidays to all of you. Sincerely
    Ajaj M., Linguist, San Fernando, CA
  • Nobody has anything critical to say about the resume. I get comments like “beautiful”, and “solid” from those that read it for style and content. I’m starting to distribute it. I have received one “headhunter” call in response to the resume already. It may be working.
    Dale M., Saint Peters, MO, IT Director
  • Thank you for the fantastic work. I greatly appreciate it and know I couldn't have done this myself. I will recommend your service to others. Thank you, again.
    Norma H., Severn, MD, Accounting Manager
  • I think it looks great! I am happy with what you have put together and will be recommending your services to a few of my good friends. Thanks,
    Germar R, Ypsilanti, MI, Senior Marketing Analyst
  • I love the work you have done on my resume, it looks fantastic! So many ideas I did not even think of using. It’s wonderful. The better business bureau was right! Thank you,
    Cindy C., Scranton, PA, Admin/Data Processing
  • I would just like to say that your wonderful work on my resume must have put me ahead of the other candidates. After receiving my resume and submitting it, within two days I have since been interviewed and offered the job of my dreams. Thanks Again,
    Jason T., Elmira, NY, Construction Worker
  • Thank you very much Christina. This process has been very pleasant and pain free. Regards,
    Melanie H., Seattle, WA, Customer Service
  • Wow I'm very impressed. I'm not sure what I'd change about it, looks very good to me. Emphasizes everything that I wanted and clearly explains my background. I'm definitely mostly interested in corporate communications and marketing, so I'm happy that those are at the forefront of the resume. Thank you very much for your help on this. I really don't know what I would alter on it, and look forward to the final product! Thanks,
    Molly A., New York, NY, Branch Services Associate
  • I am extremely very happy with my resume and cover letter. You did an excellent job and I will definitely recommend your services to everyone. Thanks again for all your help and for the great service you provided for me.
    Gregory V., Temple City, CA, Event Manager
  • This looks great. I think you did an outstanding job. Way better then what I had been using. Thanks,
    Shane W., Bettendorf, IA, Sales Representative
  • Thank you for the nice resume you wrote for me. Many employers liked my resume and I will definitely in touch with you to update it according to my new work experience. I am happy that I chose you for my resume writing. Thank you,
    Reddy B., Normal, IL, Staff Accountant
  • I LOVE how my resume looks, I can't wait to send it too a job posting today! Sincerely,
    Brian S., Murrieta, CA, Medical Assistant
  • Please send just like it is. I can't thank you enough. It looks awesome. Thanks.
    David M., Tamarac, FL, Retail Store Manager
  • Thanks for such a wonderful job on the resume!
    Terry W., Loganville, GA, Installation Technician
  • This is absolutely fabulous. i am totally thrilled. i just had a huge tooth pulled so i will review it tomorrow when i feel better. but i can't thank you enough!!!! beautiful job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Brenda P., Tucson, AZ, Medical Technologist
  • Thanks for the quick response! I have a lot of unemployed friends that were in the mortgage industry with me over the years and could really use a service like this. I will definitely recommend you guys. I am thoroughly impressed with the whole process thus far. I’m not sure the guy who wrote it originally chose the best verbiage to describe everything, especially after reading that incredible summary! Thanks again!
    James H., Holbrook, NY, Branch Manager
  • I've reviewed the draft and it is very impressive! I'm very excited to receive the final copies. I will start using this resume and cover letter tonight!!! I am also recommending your services to friends who've hit writers block like myself.
    Darnyell H., Huntsville, AL, Customer Support Rep
  • Thank You. I'm pleased with your work and definitely will refer people in need of your services to you. I'll keep you posted should I have success landing a job with your created resume. Respectfully,
    Hovsep B., Montebello, CA, Physician
  • I want to thank you for your time and fixing up my resume. It looks great. I will come to you for any resume things that may come up in the future. Have a good evening and again thank you. Sincerely,
    Dave L., Warren, MI, Auditor

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